Maaaaaaaaaan Whitney ain’t no joke! I gotta admit… did not expect the college dorms to match so well with what you see on T.V. Probably even crazier considering the fact I’m the only color dude on the 2nd floor. My roommates already been written up 3 times. Oh yeah, I forgot. Getting written up 3 times kind of gets you kicked out of Whitney. But it’s okay though. We got new RA’s this semester so the rules changed a little bit. I got a lot more details on my boy but you gotta keep tabs on me first. and possibly buy me dinner.. The night is always young when staying in Whitney Hall. I can tell you that sleep might be a little difficult to get and the concentration level might be towards something else. if you know what I mean.. Sike! I don’t even know what I mean. Believe it or not, when you walk through the hallways of my floor, you’re gonna see something very very disturbing on someones door. Some even decorate their door with the most absurd things. For example, you may see a bunch of taco bell sauces, condoms in the shape of hearts, funny meme photos that were printed, and even just a banana. Who in the hellllllll puts a damn a banana on they door!? You guys already know that when hearing Chico State, you hear party. That is most in fact true. you see a turnup in every room. Now I don’t necessarily mean the whole smoking and binge drinking partying. Some peoples definition is playing some 2k, madden, board games, or just talking.. really loud. One of the few things I dislike about this specific building is how their fire alarms feel like they can be set off any minute! 1:30 a.m. it is a Wednesday. I am sound asleep, my roommate is sound asleep. Half of Whitney is sound asleep. A second later, I jumped out of my bed as if I seen a tarantula crawling on my feet, with this noisy ass sound that just traveled through my ear drums, having my heart beat at 2,345 beats per minute. straight up pulled that number out my ass. But yeah, what do you know, the famous fire alarm sound of Whitney Hall. I thought I was done with fire drills back in high school! Apparently not. As you can see Whitney hasn’t really gave me the best memories so far, but I know it’ll be one of the best memories to talk about down the road.